Znojmo ranks among the eldest Czech town and nowadays it is a cultural and business centre of the southwest part of Moravia. It can show off many significant monuments - the rotunda of St. Katerina for example. The rotunda presents the beginning of Czech history through its paintings and by many specialists it is the next most significant monument in Czech Republic after the Hracany castle in Prague. The most-known building is city-hall tower with splendid view of the whole city- the cathedral of St. Mikulas (Znojmo’s patron). Znojmo is known for it’s underground opened for public storied with many legend.

The national park Podyji is set very close. It has 62km2, extended from Znojmo to Vranov nad Dyji. It is crated mainly by deep meanders of the Dyje river which flows through the valley with sheer slopes covered with deep woods with many plants and animals.

Information centre - Obroková 10, 669 01 Znojmo, tel./fax: +420-515 222 552, e-mail:

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Znojmo - theatreZnojmo - theatre